Inexpensive “used” rope for homesteading, survival, and preparedness


When we speak of cordage for survival and preparedness we typically consider small diameter material like paracord, bank line, or similar.  For their size these are incredibly small, but incredibly strong.  A perfect combination for a survival kit. However, if are homesteading, farming, or even carrying supplies in a vehicle we then have the option of having heavier duty rope …

c.caudillInexpensive “used” rope for homesteading, survival, and preparedness

Critical Knowledge about “Backpacker” Stoves

by  c.caudill on November 7th, 2014

All of the Nature Reliance School instructors utilize Jetboil stoves during our classes.  I think that gives the appearance that they are good choices for a survival kit.  While I do really enjoy them for our classes, let me explain some very important differences. First off, while teaching classes at NRS, time is of the essence.  Often times the instructors …

c.caudillCritical Knowledge about “Backpacker” Stoves

Compasses Best Suited for the Garbage

by  c.caudill on November 6th, 2014

Map and Compasses are an integral part of your preparedness supplies.  However you are setting yourself up for failure if you get a bad one.  There are two main problems with compasses that will cause them to be inaccurate. We detail these two problems in the video below so make sure you watch it to get a good look at …

c.caudillCompasses Best Suited for the Garbage

Thermarest Sleeping Pad Internal Components and Other Considerations


Maintaining your core body temperature is a requirement to staying alive, as well as warm and comfortable when sleeping on the ground.  Whether your needs arise due to a survival situation, or you are hunting, hiking, backpacking or other a good sleeping pad will be a nice asset to add to your gear list. Heat arrives to us (and leaves …

c.caudillThermarest Sleeping Pad Internal Components and Other Considerations

Inexpensive Handgun Training


Despite most of our collective desire to live in a utopian society, bad people exists in the world.  Due to this, self-defense, hand-to-hand, combatives, defensive tactics or whatever you want to call it is an important aspect to anyone’s basic survival and preparedness.  As with any tool, handguns can provide a user with a much more liklihood of survival.  This …

c.caudillInexpensive Handgun Training

Eric Frein Captured and some lessons learned.


Our blog content is focused on education and helping others.  So what is it we can learn from this situation that has occurred surrounding Eric Frein and his “possible” involvement in the killing of a state trooper and wounding of another?  I say “possible” because we must assume his innocence until he is proven guilty. I would first like to …

c.caudillEric Frein Captured and some lessons learned.

How to make a water filter with garbage


Being able to decontaminate water is a critical skill to anyone wanting to be more self-reliant.  Whether it is cleaning the well water to your homestead or enough water for your critical survival needs, you need to know some ways to decontaminate. The best way to insure that you decontaminate against bacterial contaminates is to boil water.  There is no …

c.caudillHow to make a water filter with garbage

How to use Map and Compass

by  c.caudill on October 27th, 2014

I am entirely surprised at how little value most people put into land navigation skills.  This is one of those skills that was a MUST HAVE skill for anyone venturing into a wilderness situation during the founding of our country.  It has only recently been seen as not important with the increased technology of both map making, and Global Positioning …

c.caudillHow to use Map and Compass

Spirituality and Religion during Survival and Preparedness Events

by  c.caudill on October 22nd, 2014

When I write blog pieces that are my opinion (such as this one) I never research anything beforehand, because at their root they are opinion pieces and should be my opinions and not those of others.  However it occurred to me as I started writing this that I had not seen anything on this subject anywhere else.  I suppose that …

c.caudillSpirituality and Religion during Survival and Preparedness Events

How to tie the most useful knots

by  c.caudill on October 20th, 2014

As of late I have been getting a lot of requests for knot videos.  I have already done several so I thought would put them together in one place to make it easy to share with you and your outdoor friends. Knot tying is one of those things that is incredibly valuable to any outdoor pursuit.  On a deer hunt …

c.caudillHow to tie the most useful knots