The “Lone Wolf” mentality will get you killed

by  c.caudill on August 20th, 2014

Arm chair warriors are a dime-a-dozen.  For many years I have seen this in martial arts discussions, tactical shooting discussions and now in survival discussions.  It seems that there is a relatively low percentage of the population that thinks that if the ship-hits-the-sand so to speak, that they are going to go-it alone and survive off the land. Forgive me …

c.caudillThe “Lone Wolf” mentality will get you killed

Best Place to get truckloads of survival information for free!

by  c.caudill on August 18th, 2014

FREE is a good right?  You know it is, I know it is.  This information being free does not make it the best reason to go for it though.  Team work and family mindset are a couple of other good reasons to check it out. I am talking about the Dan’s Depot Forums.  I spend a great deal of time …

c.caudillBest Place to get truckloads of survival information for free!

What the heck is stress inoculation training and why is it important?


Self-defense situations, natural disasters, survival needs and such do not occur very often on sunny, cool, wonderful days.  They occur on ugly, terrible weather, stressed out and other adverse conditions.  This is why anyone who is worth their salt in these activities practices under stress.  A technical term would be stress inoculation. Stress inoculation training occurs when during a training …

c.caudillWhat the heck is stress inoculation training and why is it important?

Great training for realistic self-defense

by  c.caudill on August 13th, 2014

I don’t write about it often and to be quite frank that is problem I need to correct.  What I am talking about is the need to have self-defense training in your “survival toolbox”.  As many of our regular followers know, I have been practicing and teaching martial arts for nearly 25 years as well.  For me personally, martial arts …

c.caudillGreat training for realistic self-defense

I have a question for you

by  c.caudill on August 11th, 2014

We are always doing what we can to make strong attempts at educating as many people as possible in skills that will help them become more self-reliant.  Our intention is to not do this for the purpose of developing mindless followers but to rather help create groups of people that can rely on one another when times are difficult.  In …

c.caudillI have a question for you

Survival Rifle: Marlin Papoose

by  c.caudill on August 8th, 2014

One of the most often discussed kit items for survival and preparedness needs is weapons.  This is for very good reason.  There are several things to consider when determining if you should have a weapon in a survival/preparedness event.  Here are a few that come to mind: Self-Defense – can the weapon be used for self-defense in a ship-hits-the-sand situation? …

c.caudillSurvival Rifle: Marlin Papoose

Gear review of the Biolite Stove

by  c.caudill on August 6th, 2014

Hiking and backpacking stoves are an option for both their intended use (which is general outdoor use) as well as short term bug-out, scenarios.  I recently did a webinar for the Dan’s Plan Course in which I detailed about 5 different stoves.   I pulled this one out and did a separate review on it simply because it is so …

c.caudillGear review of the Biolite Stove

Toledo water: the problem, some solutions for you.


People who practice preparedness do so for times likes these.  Toledo is in for quite the rough time these days, as there water source for the most part has become unusable.  If you do not pay much attention to the news, let me break it down for you.      Toledo, Ohio’s primary source for water is Lake Erie. There …

c.caudillToledo water: the problem, some solutions for you.

Answering your questions about heavy packs

by  c.caudill on August 1st, 2014

I have gotten several questions on facebook, youtube, twitter and email about some basics of carrying a heavy pack.  I decided to answer each of them in this email.  One individual in particular asked me to put the Eberlestock Warhammer on video with a lot of weight in it.  Thanks for asking!  I hope we have made it clear to …

c.caudillAnswering your questions about heavy packs

How to avoid snakes in the outdoors

by  c.caudill on July 30th, 2014

It seems when we start discussing venomous snakes in the outdoors that someone almost immediately states that “the best snake is a dead snake”.  The ignorance of this statement astounds me.  While there is no denying that being bitten by a venomous snake is no fun situation.  Snakes are an invaluable piece of the ecological puzzle.  If for no other …

c.caudillHow to avoid snakes in the outdoors