Frog gigging for sustenance, survival, or simply good eatin’


My son and I spent a few hours picking up our legal limit in frogs last night.  I did quick search to see if I had ever covered the subject in one of our blog pieces here and lo and behold…nope! That is a mistake, because frogs are incredibly tasty and easy to get (with some practice).   I tried …

Independence Day “Rescue Me” Give Away

We are pleased to nnounce the opening of the give away contest for a “Rescue Me” module on Dan’s Depot Forums. Follow the link for entry criteria. We look forward to everyone’s entry and wish all good luck and Godspeed.

Edible and Medicinal Plants for beginners – How to get started


Wouldn’t you like to be able to find nutritious, tasty, and healthy food for free most anywhere?  I thought so In this video I get to take a walk with my most favorite person in the whole world, my wonderful and beautiful wife Jennifer.  In the last few months she has started going out with me to help make our …

5 Tips To Avoid Ticks

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It is certainly that time of year again.  Nature Reliance School instructor Tracy Trimble was the first of our bunch to get ticks on him this year, over two weeks ago.  I got my first one on me this past Friday.  If you are spending more time outside with the warmer weather, you need to start taking precautions to avoid …

ResQMe Device Review and Giveaway

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We did a blog piece earlier in the week in which we reviewed a simple device that will help extricate yourself from a vehicle.  The thought is you may have been in a wreck and found yourself unable to open the door, whether it be because the door is jammed or maybe even in water. Water pressure on the side …

Using Your Bushcraft Knife for Self-Defense


Can your basic survival knife be used for self defense?All respectable survivalists and bushcrafters out there speak of tools and gear that serve multiple purposes.   However, can it be used adequately in a situation in which you are surviving an attack from another person? Knives are excellent multi-use tools that can be used in just such a situation.  However, …

Survival Snare Traps and Field Expedient Tools


The name of the game in survival trapping is numbers.  You must get a lot of traps out in order to increase your chances of catching animals.  I have seen a few students come into our classes who are sometimes on the anal side of things (I say that lovingly by-the-way) that want to spend a great deal of time …