How to tie the most useful knots

by  c.caudill on October 20th, 2014

As of late I have been getting a lot of requests for knot videos.  I have already done several so I thought would put them together in one place to make it easy to share with you and your outdoor friends. Knot tying is one of those things that is incredibly valuable to any outdoor pursuit.  On a deer hunt …

c.caudillHow to tie the most useful knots

How to stay warm outdoors, when it is cold outside

by  c.caudill on October 16th, 2014

Whether it is for survival, hunting, hiking or similar staying warm when it is cold outside is both an important objective to having a good time as well as survival.  This is certainly one of those topics that can get out of hand when it comes to personal preferences.  I understand that and do not want you to think that …

c.caudillHow to stay warm outdoors, when it is cold outside

How to eat maggots (and other tasty treats).

by  c.caudill on October 14th, 2014

So you think you are serious about survival but you would NEVER eat a maggot, then I would suggest that you are simply NOT serious about survival.  I get in this discussion on a regular basis with those that want to do practice survival and preparedness.  If you have never been hungry, and I mean starving hungry, you will not …

c.caudillHow to eat maggots (and other tasty treats).

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Facts Made Simple


Ebola certainly is a deadly virus, there is no mistaking it.  However, many of us in the survival community get really focused in on things at times and allow them to get overblown.  That does not mean there are not a few things you can add to your preps to make sure you are taken care of in the event …

c.caudillEbola Virus Disease (EVD) Facts Made Simple

Media and Survival – I Am Embarrassed By “Us”


Media is the means of mass communication (TV, Internet, newspapers, podcast, radio) regarded collectively.   When I was growing up the media was obviously the TV and radio.  That is how the vast majority of folks got their news and entertainment.  Today however with the internet being included, which means social media is also included, that definition is incredibly broadened.  For …

c.caudillMedia and Survival – I Am Embarrassed By “Us”

The Big 5 Stressors Leading to Death During Survival and Preparedness


Knowledge is power right?  Getting yourself and those that you care about in a better position, mentally and physically, before a preparedness event is what we are all about.  In this blog post we wanted to discuss the things that cause us stress during these types of events.   Stress can kill.  Mainly because it puts a person in a …

c.caudillThe Big 5 Stressors Leading to Death During Survival and Preparedness

Can you kill someone?


Before I start this post I want to warn you that I am going to hurt the feelings of a bunch of armchair, forum loving, survivalists.  You may actually be one yourself.   You know who I am talking about, the guys and gals who sit on facebook, twitter, and forums throughout the day and share their EDC.  I regularly …

c.caudillCan you kill someone?

How to use a chainsaw


Surprisingly (to me atleast) one our most watched videos on youtube is how to use a chainsaw.  I made this video nearly two years ago.  I got a lot of people commenting on it that I did not have the proper safety equipment and….I must admit they were right.  So in this blog, lets talk about some things that I …

c.caudillHow to use a chainsaw

What a shirt :)

by  c.caudill on September 18th, 2014

I really hope you like my shirt.  If you are not aware of who “The Legend” is, you probably should be (it is not me).  If you care to watch the video I will detail how the shirt is one small way of giving back to military veterans and their families.   Dan’s Depot supports very directly military veterans and …

c.caudillWhat a shirt :)

Large Cutting Tool – Tomahawks


Follow my blogs or come to my classes for very long and you will understand how important I believe have two cutting tools is.  I believe it is imperative that you have an incredibly strong and trustworthy knife.  In addition to that you need to have a large cutting tool.  A large cutting tool comes in various forms; bag axe, …

c.caudillLarge Cutting Tool – Tomahawks